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Caring and Respectful Family Dentistry in Kansas City, MO

Your smile is a gift, and it’s often one of the very first things people notice when they meet someone. That’s why you want yours to be as bright and healthy as possible. You can attain your goal by visiting the office of Lawson S. Rener, DDS PC. It’s the place where you receive caring and respectful family dentistry in Kansas City, MO. Our friendly and courteous staff work to preserve or restore your dental health and overall wellbeing by treating issues we find and by promoting preventative care.

Making Your Visit as Comfortable as Possible

If you’re anxious about visiting a dental clinic, keep in mind that we offer sedation dentistry, so you don’t have to risk your health by avoiding dental checkups and care. Nitrous oxide sedation, in conjunction with our advanced modern techniques, allows us to reduce drastically any discomfort you might feel.

One of the common procedures we provide regularly is the filing of cavities, which, if left unchecked, can lead to pain, decay, bad breath, tooth loss, and damage to bone and gums. Our dental staff first removes the decay and then fills the void for restored tooth form and function. We utilize amalgam, composite, and cast restorations.

A Comprehensive Range of Dental Services

We offer a very wide range of diagnostics and dental care services, including:  

• Digital Radiographs – This is a cutting edge technology that limits the amount of exposure to patients and users. It provides higher resolution than traditional imaging techniques and acts as a very valuable diagnostic tool.
• Crowns & Veneers – These cover the tooth, or teeth, to restore their form and function. These are helpful when filling is not an option.
• Bridges – Bridges are well-known as fixed replacements for missing teeth.
• Partials – These are similar to bridges but differ in the fact that they are removable replacements for missing teeth.
• Dentures – Dentures replace all the patient’s missing teeth in an arch.
• Implant Restoration – This is the fabrication of crowns or dentures to restore missing implant teeth.
• Mouth Protection – Protecting teeth and the mouth is our main focus. We offer this protection with fabricated devices that reduce jaw clenching and teeth grinding symptoms (TMJ) and protect teeth from sports injuries.
• Tooth Extractions – In this instance, we remove teeth that are non-restorable when it’s required.
• Cleanings – Regular and thorough cleanings are the key to preventative dental health care. We recommend that patients have cleanings every three to six months, depending on gum health, to remove plaque from tooth surfaces.

Sedation Dentistry in Kansas City, MO

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