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General Dentistry in Kansas City, MO

When you greet someone, whether a stranger or someone you know, what is the first thing you do? You smile, right? You want your teeth to be in good health so you can show those pearly whites off, as your teeth play a big part in your overall appearance.

Picture eating lunch at a popular restaurant with some colleagues. You order your favorite meal, and as you eat while conversing with your coworkers, you are constantly aware that you may have some food caught between your teeth. You’re good-humored laughs and smiles become more reserved than usual, so you don’t risk anyone seeing. If you have unhealthy teeth, you may be doing the same, as you are reluctant to display them openly.

At Lawson S. Rener, DDS PC, we will offer you personalized dental care specific to the health of your teeth. We believe that the finest oral health care is delivered by teams of providers that work well together.

Our general dentistry ensures that you get the best care so your teeth will retain their gorgeous look for many years with regular cleanings and exams. A regular general dentistry routine can do wonders for the health of your teeth.


Personalized Dental Care for You and Your Family

It’s important to find the right dentistry service that provides you with regular health care and addresses far more than just the appearance of your teeth. When you choose our dentist, you and your family will develop a personal relationship that will help you develop a positive attitude towards our professional staff.

By making your children comfortable with our dentist, they will not fear when the dentist wants to perform procedures, and they will trust our team of professionals for any advanced dental care that may be required. That personal relationship will enable your children to feel comfortable and confident when we see them.


Providing Extensive Dental Care

At Lawson S. Rener, DDS PC, we will educate you about the best treatments for any dental procedures you may need to have done so that you are well informed before we start. There are many areas of general dentistry in Kansas City, MO, such as:

• Regular Cleanings
• Tooth Decay Prevention
• Fillings
• Root Canals
• Implants
• Extractions
• Fluoride Treatments

• Crowns
• Bridges
• Sealants
• Mouth Protection
• Partials
• Dentures

Our general dentistry office offers dental care for every member of your family while providing friendly, compassionate services for improved oral health. Call us today for versatile family dentistry with a personal touch.

Contact us today at Lawson S. Rener, DDS PC for more information on all of the dental services we offer.
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