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Dentist in Kansas City, MO


The Convenience of a Family Dentist in Kansas City, MO

We understand the challenges of getting your family to their dental appointments. This includes the time off work and school, as well as the driving. This is why Lawson S. Rener, DDS PC, does everything in our power to make it convenient for you and your children.

One of these conveniences includes the location of our family dentist in Kansas City, MO. You can find our practice located across the street from St. Luke's Hospital. That is a landmark you cannot miss. Call us today to schedule appointments for your entire family.

The Convenience of Comprehensive Services

We are proud that our dentist has been in practice since 1995. As you would expect, this skilled and experienced family dentist provides all of the services you and your family need to keep your pearly whites looking bright. This includes everything from tooth extractions to fillings. We provide:

• Tooth Decay Prevention
• Fluoride Treatments
• Mouth Protection
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Sealants
• Fillings

• Root Canals
• Extractions
• Partials
• Dentures
• Implants

The Convenience of Being Our Patient

Our dentist and staff are committed to outstanding service in the most professional manner. You can relax knowing you have a dentist you like and trust. We treat our patients with respect and compassion, so you know you are valued and cared for gently. Feel confident that you will receive the very best of personalized dental care at our practice.

Located across the Street from St. Luke's Hospital in Kansas City